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Avery Dennison Auto All Films

Product Sample Book – Click the link above to see the entire line-up.

Avery Dennison Auto HP Pro

HP Pro Series is a High-Performance Hybrid Film - Delivering excellent professional installer features with exceptional shrink capabilities and high solar protection, Avery Dennison’s HP Pro, metal-dye hybrid film is an outstanding automotive tinting film in a cool charcoal tone for consumers who want appearance, comfort and impressive performance.

Avery Dennison Auto NR Nano Ceramic IR

NR Nano Ceramic IR is a high-end film solution with advanced Nano-ceramic components and excellent professional installer features including optimal shrink capabilities. NR Nano Ceramic IR delivers phenomenal solar protection with long-lasting color stability for exceptional protection and appearance. Its high optical clarity and deep graphic color tone upgrade vehicles for an exciting looking and comfortable ride.

Avery Dennison Auto NR Pro

NR Pro is a color-stable and weather durable, non-reflective automotive tinting film in a warm graphite tone. Designed with the professional installer in mind, NR Pro has excellent installer features that include optimal shrink capabilities. The metal-free construction of NR Pro provides zero signal interference. Using sophisticated nanotechnology, NR Pro delivers long lasting, great looks and impressive solar performance in a wide range of VLTs for customer convenience.

Avery Dennison Auto NR

NR non-reflective films have specially designed, professional installation features including optimal shrink capabilities, which is a hallmark of Avery Dennison automotive films. NR delivers an attractive appearance with a no-fade warm graphite color and its metal-free construction provides zero signal interference. The combination of NR’s advanced UV stable, embedded dye film with additional UV absorbing PS adhesive provides excellent UV blocking to protect the car interior and passengers.

Avery Dennison Auto Shield IR 75

Shield IR 75 spectrally-selective film is optically clear in a light blue tone. Shield IR 75 utilizes nanotechnology to reject infrared heat and solar energy without any visual distortion or noticeable darkening, making Shield IR 75 a perfect protection solution where local regulations limit the use of darker tinted films. The high VLT of this film is ideal for front cabin application.

Avery Dennison Design Exterior

Design Exterior window films combine exceptional solar protection with a bold appearance. Compatible with almost all glass glazing types Avery Dennison Design Exterior window films are a great solution for commercial projects with a focus on achieving a strong visual statement. Design Exterior window films provide convenient, non-disruptive, exterior installation. Film types include DS Bronze 20X and DS Blue 35X.

Avery Dennison Design Interior

Design interior window films are ideal for enhancing the functionality and appearance of glass. Design interior window films provide UV protection, privacy; can be used to delineate space, disguise unattractive features; or provide graphic impact, graphic accents; company logos and icons can all be created easily on Design interior window films. Interior Design window films are a great way to enhance functionality through interior design. Film types include DS Matte I, DS Black I, DS White I and DS UV Filter I.

Avery Dennison DS Print SR Interior

DS Print SR interior window films with Scratch Resistant coating are an ideal and durable solution for decorative designs on interior glass. Providing scratch-free handling during printing, installation and maintenance, DS Print SR films also have excellent ink anchorage for prolonged print quality. The universal, removable adhesive system allows for installation on both glass and most rigid plastic substrates. The added ultraviolet protection blocks 90% of harmful UV rays. DS Print SR is architectural-grade printable film which delivers crisp, high-definition images, and offers limitless interior design flexibility and privacy on interior windows. Film types include DS Print SR 2 Mil and DS Print SR 4 Mil.

Avery Dennison Dual Reflective Exterior

Dual Reflective exterior films combine a silver reflective outer layer that improves comfort by reducing glare and solar heat from penetrating the window; with a stylish neutral grey, low reflective inner layer that preserves the view outside. Dual Reflective film 10% versions demonstrate outstanding solar protection and heat reducing performance delivering exceptional comfort. All Dual Reflective films provide excellent levels of solar heat reduction and update the external appearance of windows, giving buildings a renewed and clean look. Dual Reflective Exterior window films are a non-disruptive solution particularly attractive to commercial projects when customers are interested in a convenient, and cost-saving approach to modernizing a building's exterior appearance while maintaining a neutral interior and views outside. Film types include DR Grey 10XDR Grey 20X, DR Grey 35X, DR Grey 10 XTRM, DR Grey 20 XTRM and DR Grey 35 XTRM.

Avery Dennison Dual Reflective Interior

Dual Reflective interior window film lines are engineered with nano technology for long-lasting color stability and exceptional solar protection. Dual Reflective films combine a stylish reflective outer layer that reduces glare and solar heat from entering into the room and thus maintains indoor comfort; with a less reflective inner layer that preserves views to the outside. Dual Reflective films deliver excellent levels of solar protection and they are ideal for commercial and residential retrofit glazing projects where increasing comfort, reducing hot spots and conserving energy are most important, all while maintaining a neutral interior view to the outside. Film types include DR OptiTune 05iDR OptiTune 15iDR OptiTune 20iDR OptiTune 30iDR OptiTune 40iDR OptiShade 15iDR OptiShade 25i, and DR OptiShade 35i.

Avery Dennison Film to Glass Chart July 2018

This Avery Dennison Hanita Film to Glass Chart might be the most important piece of literature that you can carry to the job site. Knowing the exact type of glass our films are being applied to will avoid risk of thermal glass breakage.

Avery Dennison Neutral Interior

Neutral interior window films add a subtle gray appearance to glazing for an extremely effective reduction in heat gain and glare that preserves the natural view through the glass. These low reflecting, high-performance films incorporate subtle sophistication and comfort to residential and commercial projects. Film types include NT Perlite Ceramic 20iNT Perlite Ceramic 35iNT Perlite Ceramic 50iNT Perlite Ceramic 70iNT Natura 05iNT Natura 15iNT Natura 30iNT Perlite Ceramic 35i 6 Mil, and NT Perlite Ceramic 35i 10 Mil.

Avery Dennison Reflective Exterior

Exterior Reflective films provide daylight privacy and are compatible with most glazing systems. Exterior installation is conveniently non-disruptive and is especially suitable for commercial projects where maintaining ongoing business activities is important. All XTRM window film products require installation by specially trained, certified XTRM window film installers. Reflective exterior films are popular for commercial projects thanks to their exceptional appearance, impressive heat rejection, and outstanding durability backed by a limited extended warranty. Film types include R Silver 20X, R Silver 35X, R Silver 20 X Poly, R Silver 20 XTRM, R Skylite 20 XTRM and R Skylite 20 XTRM Poly.

Avery Dennison Reflective Interior

Avery Dennison's reflective range of interior window films provides a strong visual statement that delivers outstanding energy efficiency, comfort and value. By rejecting excess solar radiation these films cut heat buildup entering through windows, which means cooler, more enjoyable building interiors and reduced costs for cooling. Avery Dennison’s Reflective interior films are popular for commercial projects thanks to their exceptional appearance, effective heat rejection, and impressive return on investment. Film types include R Silver 20iR Silver 35iR Silver 20i Low ER Silver 20 4 Mil and R Silver 20 9 mil.

Avery Dennison Safety Exterior

Avery Dennison has over two decades of experience in developing and manufacturing multi-laminate safety, security and anti-graffiti window films, designed to protect people and property against a wide variety of threats as well as the window itself from vandalism. Exterior protection of glass and rigid plastic window systems is particularly relevant in the public domain such as bus shelters, subways, buses, trains stadiums, commercial buildings and institutions. Avery Dennison’s anti-graffiti, sacrificial films provide a cost-effective and convenient method for protecting glass and plastic windows against vandalism and damage. All of Avery Dennison exterior window films provide excellent UV block, protecting people and property from damaging ultraviolet rays. Film types include SF Clear 4 Mil XSF Clear 7 Mil XAG Clear 4 Mil ixAG Clear 6 Mil ixClear 4 Mil Poly X and  Clear 6 Mil Poly X.

Avery Dennison Safety Interior

Avery Dennison has over two decades of experience in developing and manufacturing multi-laminate safety and security window films, designed to protect people and property against flying glass shards from a wide variety of hazards and threats.
Avery Dennison’s safety and security films are suitable for building codes and insurance policies that often demand glazing that meets certain safety standards such as impact-resistant glass in schools to break-in or blast protection for retail locations.
Avery Dennison’s safety and security interior films have outstanding optical clarity and cleanliness - the result of top grade polyester, our proprietary transparent adhesive, and tight adherence to demanding ISO 9001 quality-assurance standards.
Film types include SF Clear 4 mil iSF Clear 7 mil iSF Clear 8 mil iSF Clear 12 mil iSF Clear 15 mil iSF Clear 4 mil ModSF Clear 7 mil ModSF Clear 12 mil ModSF Matte 5 mil iSF Matte 12 mil iAG Clear 4 Mil ix and AG Clear 6 Mil ix.

Avery Dennison Solar Safety Interior

Avery Dennison's Solar Safety interior films combine the shard protection of safety security films with excellent levels of energy efficiency for immediate energy savings, comfort and attractive appearance that achieves far more than passive glazing protection. Building codes and insurance policies often demand glazing that meets certain safety standards such as impact- resistant glass in schools to break-in or blast protection for retail locations. Avery Dennison’s Solar Safety interior films deliver exceptional solar and security solutions for the needs of industry, businesses and institutions. Film types include R Silver 20 4 MilR Silver 20 9 MilNT Perlite Ceramic 35 6 Mil, and NT Perlite Ceramic 35 10 Mil.

Avery Dennison Spectrally Selective Exterior

Avery Dennison’s Spectrally Selective exterior window films effectively reduce solar heat gain while retaining high levels of daylight entering through windows and preserving the natural, transparent appearance of the glass. Spectrally Selective exterior films reduce UV damage and fading caused by the sun which helps maintain interior comfort without compromising neither facade nor view. Film types include  SP e-Lite 45XSP e-Lite 70X and SP Blue 75X.

Avery Dennison Spectrally Selective Interior

Avery Dennison's Spectrally Selective interior window films are ideal for application on residential buildings, museums, historical and heritage buildings and commercial projects to effectively reduce solar heat gain and yet to preserve window transparency and maximize viable light transmission. Spectrally Selective films present an energy-saving choice that protects interiors from UV damage and fading, maintains interior comfort and compromises neither façade nor view. Film types include SP e-Lite 45i and SP e-Lite 70i.

Avery Dennison Supreme Protection Film XI (SPF-XI)

Avery Dennison Supreme Protection Film XI (SPF-XI) improves and safeguards vehicle aesthetics, while helping to retain resale value. A high quality “thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)” film prevents damage from a range of challenges such as stone chips, road debris, insect stains and weathering - all without degrading original paint colour, thanks to self-healing top-coat. The film is easy to apply, and ultra-clear to ensure excellent aesthetics. SPF-XI

Avery Dennison US Swatch

Avery Dennison's Architectural Window Films for Solar and Design. All films are included except Auto and Safety.

Avery Dennison Architectural Film Warranty

Avery Dennison’s Architectural Window Film Warranty (Hanita Coatings) Note that there are three pages in all for films sold and professionally installed to the interior or exterior side of glass.

Avery Dennison Warranty - Exterior

Avery Dennison's Architectural Window Film Warranty Form for Exterior Applications. These can be printed 2 sides or you can get multiple part forms sent to you from Kingston Coatings. Just give us a call.

Avery Dennison Warranty - Interior

Avery Dennison's Architectural Window Film Warranty Form for Exterior Applications. These can be printed 2 sides or you can get multiple part forms sent to you from Kingston Coatings. Just give us a call.



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