Duel Reflective Exterior Series

Duel Reflective Exterior Series


NOTE: “XTRM” is only available in 36″, 60″, AND 72″ widths

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Avery Dennison Dual Reflective exterior window films are particularly attractive for commercial projects when customers are interested in a convenient and cost-effective approach to modernizing a building’s exterior appearance while maintaining both a neutral interior and the views outside.


  • 99+% UV block to limit fading and sun damage
  • Excellent level of heat rejection to reduce energy required for cooling and associated cooling costs
  • Outstanding glare control for enhanced occupant comfort and productivity
  • Warm neutral interior with low reflectivity to preserve ambiance and views
  • Bold exterior appearance upgrades building exterior appearance while maintaining daylight privacy

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DR Grey 10X, DR Grey 20X, DR Grey 35X, DR Grey 10 XTRM, DR Grey 20 XTRM, DR Grey 35 XTRM

WIDTH (Inches)

36", 48", 60", 72"


Full Roll, 75', 50', 25'