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NT Perlite Ceramic i
  • NT Perlite Ceramic i

    NT PerLite Ceramic i is a highly durable, ceramic-based interior window film. NT PerLite Ceramic i was developed using a proprietary patented advanced ceramic coating technology. As a result, its attractive neutral grey color delivers excellent solar energy rejection, with surprisingly low visible light reflectance. This makes NT PerLite Ceramic i an ideal solution for economic energy-saving projects when it’s important to preserve view and retain a natural appearance -both inside and out. Available in 20, 35, 50 and 70 VLT, NT PerLite Ceramic i is particularly popular in residential and commercial projects.


      • High heat rejection for enhanced comfort and reduced cooling costs


      • High glare reduction - improves screen viewing, reduces eye-strain


      • Neutral color - provides natural gray appearance, inside and out


      • 99+% UV block limits fading and damage from the sun



      Avery Dennison’s Neutral interior window films add a subtle gray appearance to glazing for an extremely effective reduction in heat gain and glare that preserves the natural view through the glass.

      Incorporate subtle sophistication and comfort to residential and commercial projects with Avery Dennison’s Neutral Interior Films.